Dietbet #2

Ada G.

01/14/2016 6:34PM
1/14 Today I started my period. I know, TMI Ada! But hear me out. The past few months, trying to lose weight on my own and with DB, I have gradually become more aware of what my body has been telling me. Today my body told me I needed chocolate and a bit more carbs than I normally allow my diabetic self to have. At first I kept mentally beating myself up for "slipping up". How could I cave like this?! I don't really "need" chocolate or the carbs! And then I started my monthly, my body leveled out after consuming the needed contraband, and now I feel like I can continue my weight loss journey. Instead of a solid week of binge eating, descending into a food frenzy and mental anguish, I have had ONE evening of treats. Thanks for coming Aunt Flo, it was nice to take you out to dinner, but tomorrow I will be happily back on my way to a smaller me! - another awesome thing to note is how much motivation I got from reading other people's posts. Thank you Dietbet folks!

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