Dietbet #2

Ada G.

01/18/2016 8:26PM
1/18 Today was the first day of wearing my new pedometer. 10943 steps / 4.41 miles / 612.7 calories / 112 minutes. I totally spun out this weekend with the kids and M gone. Ate carbs, carbs, carbs. But I stayed active too. Saturday I did the elliptical and walked with JD and the dog. Sunday I did an hour on the elliptical with the weighted vest, and hour on the elliptical without the vest, and walked with JD and the dog for about an hour. Today I did elliptical in the am and walked in the pm. Whew. I am pooped. Reading P's blog, looking at what she has accomplished in the last 300 days, I realized I am sleeping way better. Feeling rested upon waking, and not awaking in pain. I think I am going to skip the sleep study afterall. Yep, I am beat. I can't even remember what I was going to write about. Night y'all!

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