Dietbet #2

Ada G.

01/24/2016 4:20PM
1/24 The pedometer TOTALLY worked today, not only by counting but by MOTIVATING. When JD had to cancel today's walk, I thought no big deal, I just will skip today too. Then I took one look at my pedometer! 3 o'clock and less than 300 steps! NOPE! Took the girl outside to "blow the stink off" and I am now at 7500 steps. I even think I will follow up with some tv and elliptical time tonight to reach the 10,000 daily goal. At 5pm, 7497 steps / 3.07 miles / 435 calories / 73 minutes. "That will do pig, that will do." I am getting antsy about the weigh ins, as usual. Dietbet Kickstarter #2 ends tomorrow. I think I am right there, just worried about clothes weight. I don't want to do another Kickstarter but promised KP that I would do one with her. Then I think I really am done with those. The Transformer is going to be more my speed I think. The hubby is going to be ticked, but you know, don't tell me to get a hobby then. HA! Loosing the weight has become the new hobby.

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