Dietbet #2

Ada G.

01/26/2016 5:49PM
1/26 Holy crap-a-doodle I made it! By the hair of my teeth! My goal weight on the nose. I am burnt out! Mentally. Physically I know I need to ramp it up. Mentally I can't track all the things I want to. I get depressed and self sabotage when I fail one of many goals, not even taking into consideration that I succeeded in all the rest! Why does our brain work that way? Why does my brain only acknowledge my flaws? Like it loves the pain. No, because it is looking for excuses. Loosing the weight isn't even the hard part. MAINTAINING is the hard part. Hello brain? That is 60 pounds from now!!!! First I need to get there!!! 7913 steps / 3.24 miles / 458.9 calories / 83 minutes Hitting the elliptical tonight to get the rest of my steps.

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