So after just 2 1/2 days of my new lifestyle of eating healthy, logging food and drinking tons of water, I was down 4 pounds on the scale this morning.  Yes, I know it's just water weight, but what does that say about my usual habits and how much water actually does effect how I feel and look?  It's incredible really, that it can have such a fantastic effect!  With that in mind I took a 12 oz bottle of water to work today and filled it up  and drank it down 7 times.  Add three more at home and I'd say I'm done with that for the night so I can get some sleep. :0)

I have a new habit of logging everything that I eat or drink into the My Fitness Pal app before I consume it.  That way there are no surprises and I don't over eat.  If I ever do over eat I've told myself that I will have to exercise down to the amount of calories that I can consume in a day so that I've never overdone my food intake.  It's working so far.  The best part is going into the app and editing down my consumption when I over estimate what I'll eat.  

It really has helped to make fruit and mostly veggies the bigger part of my meals.  I've  have never been a cold or hot cereal lover, but Cheerios protien tastes really good to me this week so that and some skim milk and I'm not starving by lunch time.   My son is super supportive so Im lucky that he is willing to go along.  It's hard to cook two different meals for just two people.  He's healthy anyway so he prefers eating the way that I've begun to cook.  

I'm trying not to feel guilty that I've only exercised 1 out of 3 days.  A whole lot of DietBet people are doing so well in that way.  I have decided to give myself a break.  I want this to work for the long haul, so I'm trying to allow myself to focus on changing my food and water and calorie intake, while logging this week and start my exercise program full out next week.   I've done this before and never lasted very long.  I really want this to work.  I really have a very strong desire to get healthy and fit.  I want to ride my bike daily in the spring.  I want to garden and walk the dog and just feel happy with myself.