A funny thing happened when I stopped drinking wine for a week...


01/08/2016 4:42PM
My dear high school best friend, Oh, how I've missed you! While our lives have taken very different paths, they are so very parallel. Marriage, divorce, kids growing up, parents aging, cancer, various career choices and life struggles and we're still here! Fluffier, but determined! I wish I drank so I could give up wine ???? but some high school peppermint schnapps pretty much cured my drinking binges! I used to walk 4 miles a day! This week I got on the treadmill and I'm pretty sure it's broken. It was going much too fast and not logging nearly enough distance! I love the blog posts- keep swimming (like Dorey says)! Much love, KB

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*lost not list.


Kathy D. I've come to a place in my 29.5 pound weight loss, where I have to be honest with myself about the wine habit too. It makes me too tired to work out. It makes it harder to get up the next day. One leads to more so I just stopped for a month. The first week my skin broke out horribly. Then I had more energy. Was awake before my alarm in the morning. I still get the itch for a glass or two, but I'm trying to replace the craving with something else to get me past it. I read. I walk or do my elliptical. Call a girlfriend and complain, then it's past. I list weight. I'm halfway through my month. It's easier. I just tell my loved ones no thanks. I'm off of alcohol for a month. No one pushes. It's progress in many ways, another great thing-- I have list 5 pounds! Worth it! It's like any habit. Replace it with something better for you. I love drinking sparkling water from a wine glass. I just miss the glass. Not the wine!

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