So what happens if I lose?


01/26/2016 7:01PM
Oh how I can relate to this blog. I run a script in my head, but not the one I give to everyone else I encounter. Not support, encouragement, positive vibes and sunshine but that black crow that sits on my shoulder saying 'you're not good enough', 'don't even try' 'just give up', 'why would you think you could?' Sometimes I think it's because we've put ourselves last on the list- this is the year I'm working on moving my name forward on the steps. I hear the black crow squawking (kind of like a Jayhawk) and my baby steps are finding even one positive thing to say to myself each and every day- regardless of what the scale is saying to me! Hang in there my friend.. We did not get here overnight and we will not return to our former self overnight, but we are stubborn enough to make it happen!

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I agree. It's much easier to support others. I'm here for you- always.

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