So what happens if I lose?


04/28/2016 3:31AM
Great post!!!! Such an important topic. I used to believe I could never lose my weight, it just didn't seem possible. I was too old, too arthritic, I worked too many hours, etc. Then I decided I had to take control of my healthy and made a conscious decision that I COULD do it and I WOULD do it. I found dietbet that month and never looked back. Positive thinking will propel you forward. It is all about changing your story. It takes practice but learn to listen to the voices in your head and catch the negative self talk and re-frame it for yourself. And don't let anyone else tell you differently! So take "I feel so terrible that I am going to lose this bet, I only lost 2% this month, what is wrong with me that I can't win?" to "Wow I lost 2% this month, yay me! If I lost 2% every month for a year, I will be down to here and that would be fantastic! I made PROGRESS!!!!" Victoria have you tried talking to your son? I bet you could turn him around to be a great source of support and motivation. I would tell him that you are determined to lose the weight. That you are human and you will have higher calorie, less than perfect days sometimes but you are going to keep at it. That you would appreciate his support in cheering you on and that he probably doesn't realize that he sometimes is sabotaging your efforts with his words. Everyone's journey is different - he just needs to understand that and that you are committed and would love his support if he could just c


Thanks, Marcie. Yes. My son and I have talked. He is supportive most of the time. It helps that he wants to eat healthy and asks that I don't bring empty calorie foods into the house. It temps him. What I am trying to teach him is that it's best to find some self control for the long haul. Portion sized and better choices. I don't want to live a life where I can't ever have a piece of cake. I want a life where a piece of cake is small and enjoyable. I don't need half of the cake to indulge. :-)


I am with you on that one! I went to a fund raiser with my daughter last night. Dinner wasn't served until 8:15 and I was starving and sipping wine. There were pretzels on the table (which I NEVER eat) and I took a handful. Her eyes grew the size of saucers and her jaw literally dropped. She said "Pretzels, YOU are eating pretzels?!?)" LOL yup. I believe in the 90% rule - I eat clean and healthy 90% of the time. The other 10% is a little up for grabs and sometime pretzels (or cake) happens!

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