DietBet #3

Ada G.

02/01/2016 8:55PM
2/1 part 2 - Totally fighting my brain today. I am DONE. I want to quit. Diets are stupid, and have the word "die" in it. I love food. All food. I want to get up, walk into the kitchen and just start eating everything I can lay my hands on. Same f*^&ing 3 pounds for the past 3 weeks. So pissed that I ate my weight at Pizza Ranch. Who does that before a weigh in?!!! Ok - positives. Ate clean and ate small today. Walked for 25 minutes at lunch. Walked again with JD this evening. Personal best with tracking steps. 14081 steps / 5.77 miles / 816.6 calories / 134 minutes. Going to bed now.

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