A couple of groups I am in have their name with "Warrior" in it.  I think that is awesome and inspiring.  It's not that I'm at war against food, no I am at war against BAD food and NO exercise that cause me some BAD extra weight on the whole tired out body here.

So, I am going into the weekend with my sword raised high and a growl on my lips and try to conquer the weekend, both making sure I don't overeat and hopefully to do well in the 5 mile trail race I'm doing on Sunday.  I haven't done a 5 miler in years (competively) so I hope I can put one foot in front of the other and also without tripping over said foot.  I have mentioned this race to several people so I'm sure by now they are getting sick of hearing about it.  But, I'm kind of excited.  Like I said, I haven't done this competitively for about 4 years.  Of course there is no way on the planet I'm going to win at all (I'm not one of those people that win these things, not fast enough and not serious enough) , but maybe I can make a good showing in my age group.  I HAVE won my age group in races before but I have too much weight on my body at the moment.  Still, my main goal is not to trip over anything on the trail (I am clumsy) and not to fall on my face in the dirt. :)  And, I don't want to be last.  Okay, I KNOW somebody has to be last, but nobody wants to be the last one.  But, hey if I am then I am and if I am then somebody else that also doesn't want to be last won't be, right?  (follow my reasoning?).

So, this warrior has her Ipod loaded with motivating songs and energetic songs (like some of Gloria Estefan's...turn the beat around is a great one to get you moving), my bags are packed, my vitamins are taken (oh yes and I have my asthma inhaler!) ..MY sword is in the air, I step forward and.....hopefully don't fall on my face. LOL.

Have a good weekend everybody!

Later, Denise