Okay, so I have been boring anybody that would listen (and even those that wouldn't) that I was doing a 5 mile run on Sunday called the LongPlay Race (called Long Play because the "main" distance was 33 1/3 miles, hence Long Play.  They gave us a LP record album for finishing) up in North Florida, at the Withachoochee State Park (I probably spelled that wrong).  ANYWAY, I DID it can got a neat medal (picture next to a peanut so you can see how big it is), a t-shirt, an LP (Tony Bennett, one of my favorites) and a Trail Running magazine.  Oh and some peanuts and Diet Coke, but that was from the food area. :)

At this point I need to tell you  I got LOST.  When we were about 2 miles into the run there was a sign that said RACE and the arrow went straight ahead where there was another trail (there are hundreds of miles of trails in this forest park).  So, a whole bunch of us went that way which was logical, you follow the arrows, right?  Okay, WRONG.  After 2.5 miles there was supposed to be a water station and there was NO water station.  I figured at this point I was halfway into my 5 miles and decided to turn around.  But, a couple of other ladies were doing the half marathon and so they continued on.  I told them they should go back with me because we were on the wrong trail but they didn't.

I went back down the trail and if you look hard up the road, you could see where we were SUPPOSED to go, but it was not in the direction of the sign.  (sigh...).  So, I was going to go back up there but decided that would be even longer so I decided I would go back because the main idea was that I finish the 5 miles, that is why I was there.  I had a GPS watch so I could show them my mileage (Plus Runtastic on my phone which does the same).  So, I shuffled on back and ended up doing 6.2 miles.  I told them at the finish I got lost and showed them my distance.  So, my finish time was for 6 miles (instead of 5) and it wasn't too bad considering I hadn't run on a Trail Run before and hadn't done really anything except out at the local forest park except on a paved track.

So, I was given an LP album and a medal.  Went to the food area and REALLY thought about the fact I had to weigh-in so just grabbed a very small bit of peanuts and a diet coke and then we went back to the hotel so I could have a shower and then the long drive home (it took 3 1/2 hours to get there the day before).  At the hotel, I had an orange juice.  I don't usually drink orange juice because of the calories, but I did. (also when I got home I had a protein drink with a banana in it).

I've decided that maybe trail runs aren't quite as organized as they really should have been as they should had somebody directing the runners at the sharp turn, so I guess that's the way it is.  I think I will stick with runs with paved tracks everywhere and where everything is clear about where you go.  I have never gotten lost on a run before so I should have been embarrassed, but I was too tired to worry about it.

There you go, I finished, I ENJOYED it..you feel really really great afterwards, like you have so much energy.  Of course, afterwhile that turns into "owie, I forgot how old Itwas". :)

I just hope those 2 ladies aren't still wandering around the forest park as one of them wasn't from Florida and had no phone.  (I did tell the organizers, but they didn't seem to be too interested)

Next one is the Disneyworld Star Wars Darkside 10 K!.  I also have some virtual runs in between which will allow me to make sure I'm ready for Disney. (I LOVE LOVE Star Wars!)  I have my "costume" ready for Disney.  I have a "Darth Vader" short dress that I will wear over running shorts and a "Darth Vader" had that has ears like Mickey because hey!  this is at Disney.  The fun of the Disney races is looking at other costumes and deciding what you are going to be...

Later, Denise