Today July 21, 2014


It began with getting little sleep! So I'm up late. I get into work with the Witch for QA on my back. She's relentless with the nasty comments on my paperwork. It makes my confidence level go way down. My boss says it's not just me. I believe it is. It's been the whole time I've been working there. 


I applied for a new job that's literally a block from home. I could walk. Not the greatest hours (3-11) but no weekends and I can still be in bed by midnight. I pray if this job is right for me that'll get it. 


So stressed today... I'm battling my mind over if I should still go to the gym or not? I'm 600 calories over my allotment today. Gym closes at 10pm. I could still get in there and get a hour done. SIGH..


Alright Alright I'm going. Maybe it'll clear my head. 


Catcha later peeps,


Megan Way