Not going to be easy....


07/23/2014 9:45AM
The more you tell yourself you 'can't' have something I think the more your mind will try to talk you into it. That's been a huge struggle for me the past 2 months since I got serious about trying to lose my excess weight, but after much trial and error and ups and downs and caving in to many, many things it finally clicked for me literally when I woke up this morning. Maybe my mind is finally getting the hint after 2 months that the 'bad' things are only sabotaging my efforts and I actually DO crave healthier choices now. Please don't beat yourself up over it. It sounds like you're doing a heck of a job between working out and trying to do the best you can, especially with 2 small children at home =) Stay positive and be proud of all the goods things you have accomplished!! Your children need a strong and healthy mother =)

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