I'm going to try to use this blog to update my activities, food intake, and mood! Just to keep a diary/journal of this challenge ;)

Today I woke up, did HIIT for 20 mins including warm up and cool down. I ran out today to get some groceries and to walgreens to get some potassium as Crystal D suggested. I also got a pedometer, but I think this darn thing isn't working right. I sat it up and clipped it on. Since then just by cooking dinner, sweeping my house and trying out my new MOPNATOR (I got it today in the mail from amazon) all within little under a 3 hr span according to the pedometer I've already taken 5200 steps! That can't be right, it sounds like an awful lot! If it is correct, that's crazy to me! Because I do all of the above about twice a day + regular trips to mail box, fridge, bathroom, take dog out a few times a day, etc. So that would put me way over my 10,000 step goal, which I believe is roughly 5 miles.

If that's true and I am this active then why have I gained so much weight lol. I don't think this thing is working right. I went to walgreens a little while ago to get a battery for my polar watch heart rate monitor and I saw they had some nice pedometers there. I got one going to try both of them together to see how they both perform as far as accuracy. Then I will decide which I will take back, those things are not cheap! ;)

I did the upper body workout, can't wait for tomorrows workout! I feel fine as far as mood and energy, which is a good thing. I had tuna for the fish goal today.