I have worked hard and made it to my month diet bet round goals with weeks to spare in anticipation of all the yummy goodies I'll be eating on Turkey Day.  It's my all time favorite holiday of the year and I refuse to be counting any type of calories on it.  I'm anticipating that I'll probably gain a couple pounds on that day, and I'm okay with that.  There will still be a week to get me back down to goal after.  :-)  I'm so looking forward to all the fried turkey, green bean casserole, bread, pies......really all of the above.  Thanksgiving is one of the few holidays we actually celebrate so I plan on going in full force like a piggy.  LOL!  The funny part though is that my stomach has shrank down so much from where it was that I doubt I will be able to actually eat as much as I would like.  And once midnight hits on Thanksgiving, then it's back to the grind and kicking these pounds off.  They can hang out for the day though.....just don't get too comfy.  Your days are quickly numbered.  ;-)