Since Turkey day has now officially gone to the birds, it's time to start planning out the weekly meal plan again.  :-)  It helps out so much when the kids ask 20 million times, "Mom, what's for dinner??  I'm hungry....."   Here's what's planned for this week -



                Dinner – Parmesan Baked Chicken with a side of Broccoli


                Dinner – Smoked Salmon over a bed of Mixed Greens with a touch of Pepper-Jack Cheese


                Dinner – Beef & Broccoli over Long-Grain Rice


                Dinner – Chicken & Dumplings


                Dinner – Turkey Chops on top of White Cheddar Cheese Grits drizzled in a Rosemary Pan Sauce


                Breakfast – Scrambled Eggs with Cheese

                Lunch – Turkey Loin Roast & Steamed Peas

                Dinner – Southwest Turkey Bake


                Breakfast –French Toast with a side of Blueberries & a sliced Strawberry

                Lunch – Chicken Chimichangas

                Dinner –Pizza