I've been completely slacking off since the 12th.  I haven't worked out and I've been eating like crap.  Today is a new day though.  I'm ready to dig deep and create that motivation, even though it's hard to find right now.  I've gained weight and I'm above what I started this month at.  It's okay though.  I kindof expected that with the way I've been carrying on.  Today is Day 1 of a three day cleanse to rid my body of all the toxins that I've been putting in it.  I got one of those Ninja blenders and it seems to work great so far.  I'm doing the women's cleanse it recommends.  This mornings shake was delicious.  :-)  I will force myself to go to the gym today and try out one of the classes.  I will get over this hurdle that I baricaded myself in with.  I probably won't make my diet bet goals for this month, but I'll get back on track to where I need to be.