Man, I love running -- it keeps me happy/ unsad. Got to give it to those endorphins; I'm blissed out after a nice run.

But to be fair, it doesn't do a thing for me in terms of losing weight. (For me, it just maintains.)

You read that cardio takes off the fat. Tried that, doesn't work. In fact, I've been running 4-5/wk since May, and off and on for the past 3 years. And while it's fabulous going from barely able to run for 1 minute, to running 8-10km/45min, it does squat for weight loss for me. Go figure.  

(I know why. The great chocolate chip cookie experiment of August 2014 comes to mind. *hehehehe* It was SO worth it. :DDD)

Good thing though is, once I keep with a healthy but strict diet for a reasonable period and get the weight off, the running keeps me there. Like I said, it's maintenence only. And also, free drugs.