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Favorite Health Food: iceberg lettuce, seriously & pomegranate

My Preferred Method of Exercise: walking

My Approach to Weight Loss: track everything I eat, stay accountable

My Diet Plan: Vegetarian Diet

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Hobo Band 15. diet soda 16.cold turkey?
by - 12/04/2014 9:43AM

Dec 4 I hate my addiction to diet  soda, but I am clearly addicted.  Every time I try to stop, after... Read More ›

Gina K.

Conquer that addiction! You can do it!! I use both Gold Standard protein powder and Complete Nutrition's protein powder.


I was addicted to diet Coke for drug of choice! I tried quitting so many times and always felt horrible...thinking much the way you are now about the sugar substitutes as well. My success at it was a very long (and sometimes uncomfortable road)- I didn't go cold turkey. First I cut back on half the dCokes I was drinking, and as an alternative I drank tea with honey. Then about a month later I cut the caffeine in half again by using half no caffeine tea and I drank one small can of dCoke a day. This entire time I was drinking a cup of coffee every morning as well. The third month the dCoke went byebye, but I kept the coffee and 1/2 caf tea. The next month it was 1/2 caf coffee to start the day...then the last three months or so I kept cutting the caffeine until it was gone. It really took me nearly a year!
Hobo Band 14. false
by - 11/26/2014 6:14AM

Day 14 weight 208.4 lbs.  Thought things were slowing down, but nope.   False hope.  Also my body is... Read More ›

Gina K.

What is an herbal liver cleanse? That doesn't sound very good for you!
Hobo Band 11. off 12. busy 13. rush
by - 11/24/2014 11:11AM

Sunday Day 11 weight was 208.4 lbs.  Needed a day off. pumpkin choc chip muffin -246 cal diet coke -... Read More ›

Hobo Band 10. bossy
by - 11/22/2014 9:31AM

Day 10 weight 206.6 lbs. Weekend sleep in. Luxury.  It feels wonderful to finally take care of mysel... Read More ›

Hobo Band 9. cold
by - 11/21/2014 5:14AM

Day 9 weigh 208 lbs. It's cold here, below zero F, snow on the ground, hurts to hold the metal handl... Read More ›

Hobo Band 8. new
by - 11/20/2014 5:24AM

Day 8 weight is 208.2 lbs. Starting a new schedule today.  End of an old era, beginning of a new one... Read More ›

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Susie D.

I like how you planned out your day. I need to do that more consistently. Good job. You've got this.

Amy P.

Keep working hard. Try to add more vegetables to your day. Find some good protein sources you'll like . I have found when I am eating vegan the most difficult part is getting enough protein and a good variety of protein. My vegan friends are likely getting too much soy.
Hobo Band 7. besides
by - 11/19/2014 5:13AM

Day 7 weigh-in at 208.8 lbs. (or later, 207 lbs) Alright so besides counting calories and improving ... Read More ›


This is a lot like how I started out a month or so ago with my first dietbet. The first month was pretty hard. I am also someone who is hungry almost all the time, but especially in the evening. Spreading my calories throughout the day a little more evenly helped me out quite a bit. I was not hardly able to finish a 20 minute treadmill workout three times a week, but by the last week+ I had increased the time to 30 minutes and 4 times a week. I know this is what is really helping me much as I still hate to admit it.
Hobo Band 6. up
by - 11/18/2014 7:24AM

Day 6.  After so many calories yesterday, weight is up today 208.2 lbs.  I'm surprised how quickly m... Read More ›

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Robin L.

Weight fluctation is totally normal. I like this saying, to help with motivation, "I don't diet and exercise, I eat and train!" Puts a little different slant on my thinking.

50 Pound Monkey

So, I've found that my body reacts quickly to things (especially salt). Many times it's water weight. Try knocking out the diet coke... despite it being sugar free, it spikes your insulin. A nutritionist once said to me, "Have you ever seen a skinny person with diet coke in their basket?" DOH! I drink Advocare Spark for a wee kick of caffeine and lots of B vitamins, and amino acids. Best wishes! Keep at it, and keep blogging!
Hobo Band 5. stay
by - 11/17/2014 7:23AM

Day 5 - Phew!  Weight leveled off today at 207.4 lbs.   Worry that I've put myself into starvation m... Read More ›

Hobo Band 4. prep
by - 11/16/2014 8:02AM

Day 4 of dietbet challenge.  Plan is shop for healthy food.  Make chili for week ahead, and scallope... Read More ›

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