Today started as a slow day at work, without a lot going on, and then just completely did a 180.  My coworker came to my office and told me I had a package to sign for in the lobby.  This didn't throw me off too bad since my hubby said he was going to get a package sent to my work to make sure someone was there to accept it.  Well, I got to the lobby and I was completely blown away!  He bought me flowers and sent them to my work!!  All just to say he loved me.  :-)  We've been married for over 14 years and he still manages to surprise me.  I was so happy after I came home that I cooked dinner and was enjoying watching a movie all snuggled up and cozy.  However, today was a scheduled gym day and I knew if I didn't go, then I'd make an excuse not to go tomorrow.  So as happy as I was......I got my gym gear on and drove to the gym and sweat my buns off.  ;-)  Besides....I'm not paying my coworkers for missing a workout day.  LOL!  Now it's time for a shower and to curl up in bed.