After playing around for 3 weeks, I have 6 days to lose 4.6 pounds for Round 2. Looks like all my money for Round 2 will be going to the rest of you who worked hard and stuck to it this month. I'm dissapointed, sure, but I only have myself to blame. After winning Round 1, I let it go to my head and fell off track and just never could get it all back together. My exercise routine has been intermittent all month, especially due to the cold weather. When I wake up and it's cold, the last thing I want to do is exercise. If I don't exercise in the morning, I just won't do it after I get off of work. Something has to change!


    Today I started tracking my food again and I will get back on track with exercising. This month, I've just felt so BLAH! Perhaps not having a consistent work-out routine and eating junk partially contributed to that feeling and perhaps the cold weather as well. Regardless, I know that I felt a million times better in October when I was exercising and eating better. That is what I need to focus on looking into December. The holidays are so difficult to get through on a "diet." Not that I am on a diet, but I am limiting my intake to lose weight. I allow myself treats, as long as I account for them in my daily calorie allowance. 


    I may have lost Round 2, but I am still in the game to win! I still have plenty time to make it to the end. On the bright side, I have not gained any weight, which is pretty amazing considering Thanksgiving and all. Now, the true test is December. I will have to be extra disciplined to make up what I didn't lose these past few weeks and I'll have to be smart during the holidays about what I am eating and especially what I am drinking. I sure love Eggnog! 



   Happy holidays to all and I hope we all find the right  balance between healthy eating and holiday eating!