Hi!  My name is Jeff...and I am fat.  Don't be shocked by my admission.  It's something that's a fact and something that I have to openly admit so that I can move on to dealing with the situation that I am in.  I'm not feeling sorry for myself, nor am I asking anyone to feel sorry for me. I just have to face facts and now that I've admitted my problem to each of you, I'll work my ass off to change it and come back in a year and write about my success and how much better I feel.  This is Step One in my journey to health and I thank each of you for coming along with me.

I have been playing DietBet for several years now and hosting my own games.  I've had some success and I absolutely love DietBet.  I've also been stupid and once the games have ended, I have gone back to my old ways and I have put my weight back on.  I am currently at my heaviest.  I have to weigh-in tomorrow for my January 1st Transformer start but I am going to estimate that I will weigh-in around the 380 pound mark. Ugh...just typing that disgusts me..and it should

This time, after taking about a 9 month hiatus from DietBet and healthy eating, I have put my mind in the proper place to tackle this head-on.  I am making this statement for all of you to read and I want all of you to hold me accountable...because accountability is one of the only ways that I am going to be able to reach my goal.

I am making it known right here today that I am going to do my absolute best to lose 100 pounds in the next 365 days.  By January 1, 2016, I want to write that I weigh at least 100 pounds less than I weigh when I weigh in tomorrow (New Years Eve 2014).

Some of you who read this already know me.  I'm a very friendly person who loves people and I love making new friends.  For those of you who don't already know me, please say hello in-game or by private message.  I am looking forward to making a lot of new friends here on DietBet and your encouragement and support will be paramount in helping me reach my goals.  In return, I will gladly offer you my friendship and support.  I am very active in-game with posts and motivation and I look forward to, hopefully, helping you reach your goals.  Even if you just need a friendly word on a tough day....reach out to me...I'm here for you.  Even if we've never met yet.  Don't ever be afraid to reach out to me.

Having said that, I wish each of you all the success in the world in reaching your goals and know that I am your biggest fan and cheerleader.  To me, DietBet is not a competition.  It's a group of people in a very similar situation, who are here to reach a common goal and with the help and support of others, we can all become healthier people TOGETHER.  It's not about the money to me.  Yes...a little extra cash makes it more fun and motivational..but to me..it's about the people and friendships that are formed.  Life-long bonds that are established between people who are all trying to reach the same goal.  Be kind to each other.  Help each other.  Always have a kind word for your fellow players.  Treat each other with respect.  If you do these things, we'll all be successful.

I look forward to hearing from you and I wish you success in becoming a new, healthier you.