Stupid scale

Jason O.

01/04/2015 9:05AM
Thanks for sharing, I know it can be a battle with the scale. Never be afraid to do a weigh in though. My best advice is this, and its what I do. 1) weigh your self at the same time every time. Weight fluctuates threw out the day. Best time is right after you wake up and use the bathroom. That will be closest to your true weight. 2) Set a day to do your weigh in. I do mine on Sundays. This way I can set weekly goals and keep track. In this bet I need about 8 lbs to lose. So every Sunday I should be 2 lbs less, if I am not, I look back at the week see what I did that week and re evaluate and adjust for the next week. Also this helps you stay accountable to yourself. and if you crush your weekly goals it makes you fell like a winner every week and who does not like that! Anyway, Keep it up and don't let the scale and your weight control you, you take control and show them who is the boss!

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Thank you SO much Jason :) Exactly what I needed to hear. I will not let that scale define my success. Thank you again so much.

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