This has been a good dietbet for me.  I have worked out every day.  I have upped my water intake a lot.  I have curbed my holiday eating. I haven't been overly restricting. I could, probably, eat a little less...but that's what got me into trouble with yo-yo dieting and disordered eating before.  I am hitting my moderation stride, with good results.  I feel better, already, and a few pounds have come off.


I think. 


My scale is finicky. I step on it once, it flashes a number, it flashes another, it goes back. It settles.  And I am left to wonder if that's the true number. I do my "test"--grabbing a weight (shampoo bottle, whatever) and step on. I put it down, and step off. The number is different. I'm frustrated! The difference is never drastic (a half a pound, maybe a full pound), but it does sometimes mean the difference between gaining, losing, or staying the same. And that is frustrating.  I'd get a new scale...but  I've had this problem with other scales. I don't know if there's any "true" solution.  


I know one solution would be to weigh less often, once a week instead of every day.  I am, however, very much data oriented. I find numbers reinforcing.  I believe self-monitoring is an important part of my success.  I just worry about the potential punishing effect of seeing a "bad" number--especially if it is a scale error. I know this won't matter in the long run--but it gets to me.  It bothers me that I might need to wait till tomorrow...or the next day to truly "confirm" success.  It especially gets me when I step on and see a great number, but then, two seconds later, it's much less great.  


This is especially hard right now when the number is one, even AFTER this dietbet is over and I win (optimism!), I don't want to see. 


This is especially hard right now as I am enjoying one of those looonggg college breaks, with only a part-time job, at best. There isn't much else to focus on. Not that I am complaining about that! This is my last break before the real world, and I am enjoying it. But it still gives my mind time to linger over certain undesirable things.  


For now, I am trying to keep going. I am keeping my exercise up. Trying to eat healthy foods.  Working on moderation.  Trying to make peace with a finicky scale, and the number on it.