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Beth R.

01/15/2015 6:25AM
Not sure if it will help but my mother is type 2 diabetic and my father became type 1 diabetic at 61 (due to a virus that killed his liver and part of his pancreas). I had gestational diabetes with my second child and had to do the insulin shots for the last 2 months of my pregnancy. I know its not fun, but my advice to you is ask to be referred to a nutritionist. When I was diagnosed with gestational they immediately sent me to a class on nutrition. That helped me so much on what to eat and how to pair my foods. After I gave birth it did go away but I am still checked yearly. My father has told me that fried foods, rice, potatoes kill his sugar so he tries to avoid them and stick to the brown rice if he wants to eat rice. I really do think a nutritionist will help you not feel so lost. I know quite a few people that were on meds for diabetes that after weight loss are no longer on any.

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