Ugh, just ugh. Disgusted with myself.


01/27/2015 3:26AM
It's really hard to change your habits for good, but pre-planning is the key. Maybe more freezer ziplock meals could help you out? And again, only stock healthy snacks, there is also nuts & seeds, nut butters or PB2 powder, cottage cheese, plain yogurt, Larabars, KIND bars (some are only 4g of sugar), extra dark chocolate. Probably try to avoid popcorn, chips, or cookies, or maybe even chocolate, if you think you just don't yet have the willpower to only eat 1 portion. These are trigger foods for a lot of people. If you think you are just eating because you are bored sometimes, try drinking tea instead. Whatever you eat, make sure it's a real, whole food, not a "diet" food with dubious ingredients.

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