Ugh, just ugh. Disgusted with myself.

Michelle F.

01/27/2015 5:38AM
Oh my gosh, I have been there so many times. Do not give up! I hate to see anyone talk about themselves like are human! We all have struggles of one kind or another, but the main thing is to keep trying to work on what we struggle with. That is all we can do. And by signing up for this challenge, it is obvious you are motivated to work on this. You can do matter how many slip-ups you have, just keep going. And hopefully slip-ups will become fewer and far between. As someone else posted above, when it comes to junk food, I can't keep it in the house period. I have lower will power when I am stressed and I know that. My husband eats more junk than I do, so we made an agreement to find some "junk food" that only he likes, and we keep that in the house for is stuff that doesn't tempt me. Things like cookies and chocolate that we both like, we don't keep it in the house. If that is an issue in your house, maybe try that? Good luck! You CAN and WILL do this!

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