Ugh, just ugh. Disgusted with myself.

ivana k.

01/30/2015 6:34PM
Reading your post makes me think of two friends, both had high weight and both lost it for medical reasons. The first one said that the trick for her was to learn to make U-turns whenever she was heading into a wrong direction in her diet.... without make a big deal out of it...simply, just like in driving, she got back to the place from where the next step was clear again. The second friend was once sitting in my kitchen, telling me that she decided to lose weight. She stated clearly: "I am beautiful and fabulous, and now, I just want to be fit". Later, after she lost about fifty pounds, I asked her where she took the confidence about the statement of her own beauty. She replied: "At one point I realized I resemble my mom. Her, I always viewed as beautiful. From here, it was no brainer. I concluded I must be beautiful too". Aren't all our moms quite gorgeous?!!! Would any of us ever consider saying: "Mom, I will love you only if you lose weight?" Ridiculous thought, isn't it?

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