Shut up self talk I am running!

Elizabeth H.

02/17/2015 9:44AM
I have disk problems too. They started in high school and aren't as serious as yours (mine are still actually in my spine for now) but my darn back is such a painful hindrance sometimes. It hurts to exercise, but it hurts way more not to! I feel awkward and improperly proportioned for running, I am tall, but ALL my height in is my torso. I always think that "real runners" have long legs, haha, so I kind of hate running too. Something about it that I like to keep in mind is that it doesn't involve bending down, or sitting, two things that are rough on my lower back. A lot of other exercises put my back in a bad position. Running can be rough if I'm not careful and don't keep my core tight, but in general it's not hard on my back, in fact it's good to release muscle tension. I just wanted to let you know that you aren't alone. :-)

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