Once again I find myself sitting down to jot down the thoughts I have been having in my self-reflections this week. While the thoughts and feelings I had this week are very meaningful to me, I feel like I should place a disclaimer: I am writing these blogs specifically to track my journey, I am not trying to encourage debate at all. In fact one of my main goals is to always ensure the overall feeling of each of these are positive, even if I am writing about something that may have had a momentary negative feeling,  I try to focus on the positive that came out of the situation. With that said the other side of this is if I want to write a short thought, it will be done in the comments of my games not in a blog, so for those that hold their attention on my long posts thanks for sharing in this journey with me, I appreciate your feedback, encouragement and try to reciprocate when I can.

This Sunday is my 38th birthday, this week building up to that mile marker in my life I have really been thinking about this journey I have started. The overwhelming feeling I had this week is: I am on a journey to Health, not a diet. I allude to this in the signature I use on each of these, I am fat and here to heal myself, I am not here for a diet. With that being said there are however goals that we must reach in order to “win” the game.

What is the actual game to me? It is not to lose a whole lot of weight every 30 days or 6 months. It is to change my focus to maintain this journey through out the rest of my life and to change how I teach my children about food and activity.

One of the items I decided to focus on is being as honest as I possibly can. So I share my weight on my profile so you can see the mountain I am climbing (or going down depending on how you look at it). I share my feelings and thoughts where before I never would have. Finally, I make a hard effort to leave out any fat boy shields or barriers that I have built up in my life. I am not here to write you the reader a story, I am here to share my journey with you.

So, my goal is to focus on my overall daily health and wellbeing. I choose to focus on eating whole foods that nourish and heal my body and mind. I choose to get better sleep each night. I choose to turn myself into a runner (by the way added another half mile to my run this morning… awesome) I am going to be open about these choices in my life with my family, friends, colleagues and dietbet friends.

With all of the small changes I have made the side effect has been weight loss. What an awesome way to look at it, weight loss isn’t the focus it is a side effect. The focus is always on adding good things and not on taking away or the “negative” trend on a scale. I feel that if I can keep this a constant in my life, then it will be a lifelong path.

Make the choice to apply good things in your life to make your day just that much better.

My name is Travis and I am fat, I am here to heal myself!