Harder Near the Finish


02/26/2015 5:42AM
Julie, that's definitely part of the reason I joined three overlapping DietBets. I was meeting my goals early, and then indulging in bad foods because it wasn't becoming difficult to take off two pounds in a month, or remain constant. I'm now less than 10 pounds away from being at a normal weight, but I want to go lower than that because I know I can. When you are swapping fat for muscle, and eating clean as hell, it becomes so taxing on your brain because it only wants to go back to that comfort it once had with food. Ugh. I feel much better today because the number on the scale went down to a number I haven't seen yet in this journey. :)Here's to getting to a day where indulgences are okay.But not too okay or else we'll see each other here again someday. lol.

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