I am super excited, I just completed and won my first DietBet.  The thing about this is I have been super emotional since starting this journey back in Sept.  I am 45 lbs down and almost 6 months into my lifestyle change.  The emotional part of this has been super tough but having a community to vent, release those emotion in a way has truly helped.  Usually when those feeling over whelm me I start to binge, I lose it for up to 3 weeks.  This month I pushed through it and was able to get over the hump and it only happened once.  I know I talked about the frustration and various people gave me encouragement and wonderful advice to get me going. In January I signed up for a 7 days cruise to Aruba for Dec 5th.  My goal was to get me moving because its always very very uncomfortable for me to fly and I am always scared they will make me buy a 2nd seat.  So far I think about the trip often and it gets me up and moving with food on point.  This is for life, pitied Edema is gone, back and knee pain gone, pain and very uncomfortable standing, sitting, and sleeping.  Now I ache with sore muscles and it feels good!!