I think I found the exercise I can't do without.  I been working through the c25k program and I am loving it.  This week I got to jog 5 mins straight and I was so excited that I could do it and wasn't to out of breath.  I actually look forward to the days that I can just run 30 to 45 mins straight.  I am looking forward to the time I can work on speed and do speed intervals instead of walk/jog it will be jog/run.  Yesterday I was so stressed out with work and I had to work late but I got home and hit the treadmill.  As soon as I hit the first jog I forgot about my problems.  I was paying attention to the way I breath and how my feet hit the treadmill and I began to get excited with each breath I took.  As I switched back to walk I began to anticipate the next jog and how I moved my arms and just relax and let it go.  It felt so good and just unbelievable that I am really loving this.  When I finished I took a nice hot soak and just relaxed my problems did not once enter my head again until I got back to work today.  I just couldn't believe what it did for me.  I am relaxed and I can't wait til friday when I do my next run and I look forward to Monday when the program will take it up a notch and I conqueror the next level.