Situation:  I feel tired.  I get winded just tieing my shoes.  I'm now twice the man that my father is, weight wise.  I no longer like to pose for pictures.  I am overweight to the point of being obese.  There I said it.  I am obese.  At my heaviest I tipped the scales at 306 lbs on Feb 13, 2015.

Picture:  In 2009 I was overweight then at 240 lbs, but even then I could ride the miles.

Exercise:  I enjoy cycling the most.  In 2007 I rode BAK (Bicycle Across Kansas) and again in 2009.  I earned my 1st Century in 2009.  Currently I am on staff with BAK and I now Drive Across Kansas in the luggage truck.  I still take my bike and get some rides in but am unable to get the full distance.  Besides at my current weight it is painful.  On any given day without warning when I'm not riding I can easily ride 10 miles.  Once I get into daily cycling I can pound out 20 with no problem.

I also will swim and have taken to swimming at the fitness center this last month.  I was quite the swimmer as a kid and have no fear of the water.  Once I decided to swim for exercise this last month I was swimming 1 mile with no problem, takes me an hour.  Being an endurance athlete I can go the distance if I pace myself.

When riding my bike my friend says I am freight train.  It may take me a bit to get up to speed, but once I'm up there, I can keep a good pace.  I imagine he'd say the same about my swimming.

Goal:  My ideal weight goal is 200.  I haven't been at that weight since High School.  I've had this goal for several years, however have failed in every half hearted attempt.  In Fact I keep getting heavier by adding more weight after every diet/exercise program I attempt.

I know it will take me 10 months or more to achieve my goal.  And being a realist I know there will be setbacks.  However it is past time to get the weight off.

Diet Plan:  None.  I've never perscribed to a specific diet.  I've taken the approach that I should eat less.  I also have taken to more vegies and salads when I'm trying to eat right.  That is tough.  I am a meat and potatoes and bread guy.  Who also loves sweets, specifically chocolate.

Exercise Plan:  More Cycling and Swimming.  My goal for Cycling is 20 miles per day and Swimming is undertermined, currently 1 mile per day.  I'd like to exercise every day, however I keep falling off the wagon.

NEW Motivation:  Thanks to a classmate, Lisa, I've decided to signup for  I'm not in it for the money, well not to win the money.  I'm using it as a motivation tool.  I don't like to throw away money.  So, I'm betting on myself to get back the bet that I've spent to be a part of  Currently I'm in 2 DietBet Challenges.  A one month challege (lose 4%) and a six month challege (lose 10% total).  Plan is to add a monthly challenge once I complete the 1st and add a 6 month challege after 2 months.  I plan to keep that pace until I've successfully reached my goal weight.

I'm not doing this to impress anyone.  I am loved graciously by my wife and my children.  I'm doing this for them.  I am motivated to improve my health for them so I can live a longer and more abundant active life with my family.

I hereby vow to be a LOSER!  I want to win every challenge I enter by losing the weight.  Thank you Dietbet for your site and help in motivating me to be a Solid Bonified LOSER!  And I'm hoping by the time I get to my goal weight that will have the Maintain Games in place that I can use for motivation to assist me in preventing the bounce back up.