How Do You Know When to Stop Losing?

Dominik S

03/25/2015 3:51PM
Your journey is just beyond awesome. I just read your "day 1" blog post. "Here's to a successful 28 days." Well, you obviously didn't stop after 28 days. What an inspiring story. Congratulations so far, and I am sure you will get rid of those last ten (or 20) pounds. You rock! :)

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Thanks so much, Dominik! That means a lot to me. I remember those 28 days well. It was terrible. I can remember feeling bad about myself the whole time, and even though I was losing the weight, every pound lost was a wake-up call to myself reminding me of what I shouldn't have eaten. Many bad decisions led to a punishment of pound by pound. I never want to go back.Thanks again for your kind words. It made my day :)

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