I weighed in this morning and saw a number on the scale I've dreamed of since July when I was 210 pounds. I've been bummed out this week because the scale hadn't budged. It was partially my fault. I wasn't gaining, but I wasn't sticking to my program either. We all know how it works. We bust our butts, see a bad number, and get discouraged. Fortunately, I've learned over time that binging on food from stress or anger only leads to more stress and anger...and guilt. Then the cycle continues...



I've learned to forgive myself, and am able to turn around if I make a mistake. However, my mistakes now are much different than my mistakes 8 months ago. 8 months ago, a mistake would have been going out for pizza. Now, a mistake is eating a bowl of Special K! Losing 55 pounds makes you really careful of your choices. I don't want to go back. Exercise and nutrition is great, but I'm getting too old for this "yo-yo"ing crap. Yesterday, I passed up complimentary bread at a restaurant, pizza and cookies at my work (Chocolate Chunk and White Chip Macadamia Nut. Nom), and chocolate that night sitting on my hairdresser's counter. It was Reese's Easter Candy too. I love those. My good choices allowed my scale to start moving again, and it helped me reach my goal this morning.

Anyway, this photo was in an email this morning from my FitBit Aria scale. For the last decade, I've always thought back to ten years ago, to the summer before I was a sophomore in college. I have pictures of my younger self in bikinis (like this one), formal dresses, and my usual athletic shorts and tshirts. She looks great. I always looked up to her (even after one year), and now I am her again...

I want to smash her.

Now, I see that I've still got some more to go, and have clearly been too reminiscent of nostalgia. So I guess that means I'll keep going and see where I end up! My next short term goal will be 10 pounds. Long term, I'd like to lose 20 more pounds. That would land me at 135. I haven't been 135 since high school. But, it's an appropriate weight for me, and I am looking forward to trying to reach it. Never would I have thought I would be searching Google for "How do you know when to stop losing weight?".

I'm also looking forward to building some muscle. This extra skin is making me look a little flabby when I don't have clothes on. ;)

Here's to the Journey,