I have to work to get veggies in.  Some times I stir fry them, other times I bake them, of course there is always the fresh or salad option.  In an effort to keep it interesting and make sure I get in all my veggies I have been using my crock pot.  I just fill it to the top with whatever veggies I have on hand, sometimes I will throw some frozen in the mix if I don't have a very good variety.  I season them differently to keep it interesting.  Costco has a great asian ginger garlic seasoning, I also have a Tikki Masala and an italian blend I use.  I think my favorite go to is to use Rotel canned tomatos in it and add different mexican seasonings.  I keep my veggies mainly low carb so I feel free to have a bowl whenever I am tempted to go off course.  I don't usually add extra liquid, but if I am in a soup mood I will had some beef or chicken boullion.  When the pot is done cooking for the day I portion it down so I have veggies ready to eat for several days. 


I am always looking for ideas, So, what do you do to get your veggies in?