I hate going to the dentist. I had to finish up a root canal today and was given a sedative in advance because I get so anxious I almost pass out! Well, the appointment went better than expected, probably because I was half-sleep... The two hours there flew by. Phew. 

Then I got home and went pretty much straight to bed. I wake up 5 HOURS later. Yikes. And I was in a little bit of a discomfort. Took some ibuprofen and realized I was hungry. Not wanting to eat anything chewy, I settled on kale chips and roasted seaweed. I'm a few hundred calories below my normal intake but I don't think I'll be able to eat anything too substantial until the pain subsides.

But the kale chips were delicious and definitely filled me up! And I'm definitely addicted to roasted seaweed... And forget about working out as my tooth is pulsating. I just checked my iPhone and I've done about 5,000 steps. I average around 12,000-13,000. 

I hope I'll feel well enough to get back on track tomorrow. I hate interruptions in my workout regime!