Day 8 of Transformer: Getting closer to - or farther from - a goal


06/04/2015 7:35AM
Great job pushing yourself and sticking to your goal! I like your approach, too. Mine is similar. Well, I should say mine ARE similar, since I'm discovering that I have many, many philosophies on this whole shebang. I pretty much have a manifesto. The one I've tapped into best is changing my definition of "deserve." I've had to basically reprogram myself about this concept, and doing that has changed EVERYTHING for me. In the past, if I had a hard day, I "deserved" a pint of ice cream or a glass of wine. In the past, if I had a great day, I "deserved" to eat cookies until I felt sick. In the present, I DESERVE better. I deserve to feel good and be healthy. That means I deserve to go to the gym. I deserve to think ahead about my meals so I always know what's going in, and I never feel hungry and start eating crap. I have a completely different relationship with food now; I've stopped associating the junk that used to give me comfort with positive things and started thinking about it as what ultimately made me fat and therefore sad. Food is fuel. Changing my mind about this has what has made it possible for me to go from living to eat, to eating to live. It feels pretty damn good. :)

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Oh I know all about "deserving this and that"! It's a complete mind change when you realize that food isn't evil or bad -0 it's simply fuel! And you realize that your body needs GOOD fuel; not just any kind of fuel but high-quality fuel that will keep you running all day, while feeling great.

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