Chose to stall out. Time to get moving!


08/27/2016 11:05AM
Victoria, one day at a time! Transformer works for you in the past it should work for you again! You show so much Insight in your post, use that. If you are moved by beautiful scenery, make beautiful healthy food. Put it on a beautiful plate. Treat yourself like the queen you deserve to be. You have so much going for you, you've got this!

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Thanks, Marci. I so appreciate your support. Not feeling it, but I'm going to move through it until I do.


This is one case where the comments fake it this is where the expression fake it until you make it rings true. If you make a plan for yourself that includes exercise and healthy meals for the first few days and then the next few days and then the next week before you know it it will be back to being a habit.

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