Like my fellow Dietbetters call it. I am officially in ONEderland. I am so excited to be here because I have not been able to get here in a long time, running, persistence and staying focused with full commitment is what has gotten me here. And surprisingly the 5lbs I gained over the Easter weekend came off very quickly once I low carbed for the past 3 days.


I have yoyo dieted since I had my son in 2009, nothing worked, I would get down to 205 and plateau, get discouraged and try to find something else to do. I was only working out twice a week doing zumba for an hour then when I started roller derby in 2011 I stopped going to the gym and figured roller derby was enough. Boy was I wrong I was tired which in turn made me gain weight. After getting hurt I did the biggest loser program twice at the gym first time in the evening the 2nd time I did in the morning and couldn't stick with it, I was overwhelmed it was either to early in the morning or too late in the evening by the time I got my son to bed he was up till midnight so I gave up Couldn't get below 202, I was making "excuses". Black Friday 2013 I started at my old gym I was 255, after being there for 3 months I knew I needed help. I couldn't do it on my own I kept going back and forth, In March 2014 I signed on with a personal trainer who started out with weight training and we went over my diet and nutrition and told me to use my Fitness Pal. I struggled, I loved food, I hid food from my diary and still wondered why I wasn't losing weight. I was doing everything wrong. I started watching Extreme Weightloss (I never watch TV) and became hooked in watching it, started following Heidi and Chris Powell on Facebook. That's when they did a dietbet so I tried it out even though everyone told me it was probably a scam. Who knew that after not listening to people and going for it, I started hitting up the gym more often, changed my eating, bought Chris Powells books and read through them and won my first dietbet, after that I was hooked.

 When I first started with dietbet I hide my weight. Why because I was ashamed of it and of myself. After going through Dietbet and going through the list of people doing it I noticed that there were people with higher weight posting their weight. Well I figured if there not ashamed why should I be. I Unlocked everything and opened myself up to Dietbet community. One Diet bet after another 9 games total and I have won 8 of them. I am no longer ashamed of my weight I took owner ship of my weight and have watched it fall off like melted butter. I will continue, I will stay focused and I will succeed to get to my maintenance level. I am now in ONEderland and there is no going back I am officially down 55lbs since November 2013 and planning on reaching a 100lb loss in the next year to year and 1/2. I will try, I will continue, and I definitely plan on succeeding.