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Jessica Mathews

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Favorite Health Food: Fresh fruit and grilled chicken

Favorite Sinful Food: Pizza, ice cream, cookies

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Cardio, dance, stepping

My Approach to Weight Loss: Move more, eat clean

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: I don't follow a plan

Fitness Devices: Apple Watch series 3

DietBet Winnings: $76.20

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01/31/2019 5:54AM in Pre-Holiday Power Transformer - Win $2000 for your Holiday Gifts!

It's our favorite time of the week—we’re announcing the 25 lucky winners of the $200 Amazon gift card! Congrats to all of our winners! You’ll receive an email from us with details of your prize so be on the lookout. Want a chance to be a prize winner next week? Click here become a member today! Without further ado...

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Next week's prize is Nautilus T618 Treadmill valued at over $1,300 each. We will be giving away 3 of these incredible treadmills that include so many features including performance training, free app-based tracking tools and premium comfort elements for an energized workout experience. All you have to do is submit a progress weigh-in between now and next Wednesday to be entered into the giveaway. If you're not a Member, you can become one at any time.

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Jessica Mathews

I won I won!!!!!

Jessica Mathews

01/24/2019 9:43AM in Pre-Holiday Power Transformer - Win $2000 for your Holiday Gifts! - via iPhone
No birthday whoosh like I was hoping, scale hasn’t moved in awhile and I’m getting discouraged. I have a very long way to go for this round. Womp womp woe is me, having a blue day

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Jessica Mathews

What a group we have!! My my, thank you ladies. #blessedbeyondmeasure


We've got your back. We'll take out your scale if needed...I know people.

Becky D.

01/22/2019 11:58AM in Pre-Holiday Power Transformer - Win $2000 for your Holiday Gifts! - via iPhone
  • Loving all the before and after pics and stories!
    Here’s mine! Sorry for the poor quality of pics. Didn’t think I would be sharing with anyone! Lol

    Before pic is August. The after pic is from right before Xmas.

    I’ve lost 45 lbs since August.
    I’ve lost 7 inches from my waist!

    I believe switching to a mostly keto diet made the difference in losing weight.
    For workouts I do kickboxing classes and Beachbody workouts.

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Mary P.

Impressive results!!! Thanks for sharing. It’s motivating


Great job!

Jessica Mathews

01/22/2019 7:04AM in Pre-Holiday Power Transformer - Win $2000 for your Holiday Gifts! - via iPhone
  • My bread is cutting calories for me. Thank you, Aunt Millie. #itaddsup

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01/22/2019 3:09AM in Pre-Holiday Power Transformer - Win $2000 for your Holiday Gifts!
  • 5 degrees in Pittsburgh yesterday, but I layered up & got in a walk on my day off. Wasn’t that bad once I got moving, but my iPhone froze up & refused to play music. That nevered happened with my 80’s cassette yellow Sony Walkman, lol!

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Jessica Mathews

Haha! That’s terrific, go Y O U !!!

Cheryl T.

Good job! Too cold for me.

Jessica Mathews

01/21/2019 8:50PM in Pre-Holiday Power Transformer - Win $2000 for your Holiday Gifts! - via iPhone
Modified sleep training my youngest, so I’m doing some leg lifts to help the tension at the moment!

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Jessica Mathews

01/20/2019 12:43PM in Pre-Holiday Power Transformer - Win $2000 for your Holiday Gifts! - via iPhone
Binged hard yesterday, paid for it today with a tummy bug... my goodness when will I learn!!!

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Karen P.

You are not alone. :( I hope you are feeling better.

Jessica Mathews

Thank you everyone! My birthday is Thursday and one sweet after another seems to appear, I can’t keep giving in...
Am really moved by all of your support, truly. What a blessing this journey on db has been this far!

Jessica G.

01/17/2019 8:50PM in Pre-Holiday Power Transformer - Win $2000 for your Holiday Gifts! - via android
  • In May 2018 I was 249ish...today I am 191! I get asked ALLL the time what my secret is...well it is a lot of little things. My secret weapons for losing weight...LOOONNNGGGG POST...I want to say that 1. I am not a health provider or expert. 2. I am not selling or making anything from any of these recommendations. 3. Everyone is different so what works for me may not for you and vice versa. 4. Cost for most of this stuff seems high, but I save so much money not buying and eating junk/fast food I am still saving money. Plus, the last two apps I mention make me money...

    -Elevate Coffee: I do not like coffee but I like the results from this so much I have been using regularly for 6 months (minus a couple weeks during a move). I mix it with my protein shake or mix with water in a shot glass and shoot it lol. You can make like regular coffee or add to your drinks. It gives me mental clarity, better mood, more energy, makes me less hungry (especially for junk food), and when I use it I lose weight (as opposed to maintaining without it).

    -Arbonne Protein and Fiber Powders: I use this as a meal replacement. It is gluten, dairy, soy, and many other allergy free. It is made with pea protein. I prefer chocolate, but the vanilla isn't too bad either. This is a little expensive but I make the bag last twice as long because I only use 1 scoop as opposed to the recommended 2 scoops. When I make my shakes I use coconut milk (natural fat burner), coconut milk ice cubes (so it's not watered down), protein and fiber from arbonne, and sometimes peanut butter powder. Of course, I usually add the coffee too.

    Birdseye Veggie Pastas: This one is a gamechanger. I DO NOT LIKE VEGGIES AT ALL!! I eat many of these and the riced veggies. The riced cauliflower and sweet potato is great in my taco bowl. Its the same color as cheese so it's easier to trick myself. Yes, I have to trick myself to eat veggies. The cheddar cheese and plain lentil pastas are my favorite, especially with some chicken breast! Found by frozen veggies in many stores.

    Larabars: Perfect for my sweet tooth. Thr almond butter chocolate chip is my favorite flavor, but there are so many different kinds there is something for everyone. Target and Amazon have the best variety to choose from.

    Protein2o: My most recent discovery. Easy way to up your protein intake without the heaviness of a protein drink. Best deal I have seen is at Sam's Club, but also available at Walmart and Target. If you subscribe to their email list you get coupons!

    MyFitnessPal: A free and easy to use app that helps you track foods, exercise, weight, etc. You can set a goal and learn so much about the foods you eat. It shows all nutrition facts from all your favorite foods and meals. You can add recipes, find restaurant meals, and scan upc codes for quick and east uploads. I like to meal plan for the whole day so I know ahead of the day what flexibility I have.

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Jessica G.


Cheryl T.

Glad you found what works for you. Keep it up.

Jessica Mathews

01/17/2019 8:29PM in Pre-Holiday Power Transformer - Win $2000 for your Holiday Gifts! - via iPhone
I want to see xyz on the scale sooooo baaadly!! Waiting for a whoosh!

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Cheryl T.

Feel the burn...you will get there.

Finding Maree

It will come :grinning:


01/17/2019 7:30AM in Pre-Holiday Power Transformer - Win $2000 for your Holiday Gifts! - via android
I seriously don't understand how I go on a no calorie liquid fast...for over 24 hours...plus a colonoscopy prep....and I gain a pound.

(Mutters to self...the overall trend is down)

I want to break 220 so bad...im aiming for 160 eventually.

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Jessica Mathews

A WHOOSH is coming, hang tight!! You’re doing a terrific job!

Carly Wilson

You got this! I started at almost 220 and my goal is 150. I’m at 190 right now! It’s so fun and rewarding to see that goal get closer
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