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Julia W.

09/16/2019 9:29PM in Faculty Lounge: Baaaaaack to School
Hey Fitness Friends!

What was your biggest success from the weekend?!

What goal do you have for this week?!

See mine in the comments!

Julia W.

Biggest Success: I made smart choices at brunch on Sunday and tracked nearly 5 miles of walking!

Goal: To get back to tracking in my WW app. I have got to STOP calculating in my head and put it in!!

Julia W.

09/11/2019 8:50AM in Faculty Lounge: Baaaaaack to School
  • Check-in!!

    How's it going?!

    What's your success of the day?

    What's your biggest challenge?

    *Mine are in the comments!*

Julia W.

Things are... Going.

I feel like my weight loss has hit a major plateau. And that's very frustrating.

My success: I am packing healthy breakfast smoothies and lunches!

My challenges: I struggle with snacking on sugary things throughout the day because I'm tired. I need to be better about drinking more water instead of turning to jelly beans or little candies!

Julia W.

09/08/2019 9:17AM in Faculty Lounge: Baaaaaack to School
Hey Fitness Friends!!
Are you in a Transformer?!

I encourage you to overlap games, but definitely double-check the weigh-in days!

Transformers have been a great motivator to not yo-yo at the end of a Kickstarter (like this game).

Now that I've played a few games, I am continuously rolling my points over, so I'm not paying our of pocket, but my points keep growing! I'll cash out when I got my long term goal and get myself a cute new outfit and haircut!

What's your plan!?

Julia W.

09/04/2019 1:30PM in Faculty Lounge: Baaaaaack to School
  • Hello Fitness Friends!
    Thank you for joining me!!

    A little bit about me: My name is Julia and I am a high school teacher in Kansas. I'm originally from Michigan, lived in Tennessee a bit, and my husband, son (nearly 18 months old), and I have landed in Kansas.

    I'm a busy mom-teacher-wife with hypothyroidism, which is a hectic and exhausting combination. I lost about 50 pounds last school year after my hypothyroidism diagnosis and found some of that weight back. So... I'm working extra hard to get it back off and away for good!

    Please take a minute to introduce yourself to the group! Where are you from? What are your goals?

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Julia W. accepted the challenge.
08/28/2019 10:02PM in Faculty Lounge: Baaaaaack to School
The pot is now $10

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Julia W. created this game!

08/25/2019 8:51PM in Faculty Lounge: Baaaaaack to School
Players will compete to lose 4% of their starting weight in 4 weeks. Everyone who wins splits the pot! See how it works.

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Julia W.

08/25/2019 1:00PM in Teachers Taking OFF The Pounds!
Seriously... When my morning pee is the difference between a win and a loss.. TOO CLOSE for comfort!

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Julia W.

08/24/2019 8:44PM in Teachers Taking OFF The Pounds!
  • Hello Hello!!

    Full disclosure: I am not sure I'll make my goal tomorrow. And I'm ok with that. For now.

    I've learned a lot about myself this past month.

    And I feel like I've let you all down- I fully intended on posting more and being more of an encouragement to you all. I'm so sorry that I didn't.

    But.. I am thinking of starting another game after Labor Day.. it'll give me a bit of time to get my ducks in a row and spread the word, I hope you'll join me.. and invite friends! I've got several colleagues that plan to join!

    Also.. this already speaks to me and we've just finished our first full week. 😴

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Nicole F.

08/16/2019 8:04AM in Teachers Taking OFF The Pounds!
I was almost to goal and have started going in the wrong direction ☹️

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Julia W.

It has been a roller coaster for me! It'll be by the skin of my teeth if I make it tomorrow!
Julia W. accepted the challenge.
08/06/2019 5:11AM in Teachers Taking OFF The Pounds!
The pot is now $50

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Angie F.


Julia W.


Seriously, I could have sworn I had already submitted my initial weigh in when I did a progress for another game. Nothing like a week less to reach the goal for some (much needed) motivation!
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