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Lee M

08/06/2019 5:01PM in Amazing April Transformer - Win a Peloton Bike!
  • I was halfway through dinner before I could take the picture. I think I finally figured out how to be on keto and travel about 75% of the time. No this is not room service, I made it 😀😳 in my hotel room. Homewood Suites rock!! So good, ribeye tips with garlic mushrooms and tomatoes.

Tom K. , Mechelle T. and like this photo.

Mary K.

How did you prepare it? It looks fabulous!

Jessica N.

That's a real accomplishment. It can't be easy.

Cat G.

08/06/2019 4:31AM in Amazing April Transformer - Win a Peloton Bike!
My endocrinologist has diagnosed me with PCOS and put me on metformin. Anyone had good results for weight loss? Bad? Neutral? Tips on what to do or avoid eating? Thank you!

Tom K. , Suzanne A. and like this comment.

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Whitney K.

My sister and I both have PCOS and other hormone issues. Personally I limit dairy and wheat. I did a couple whole30’s and it really helped me to figure out what food caused me to feel ick and what I felt really good eating.

Mary K.

Low carb, healthy fat diets claim to address PCOS. Keto is the most extreme version of LCHF at only 5% carbs. I keep my carbs between 10 and 20% and my sugars below 25 grams a day and have amazing success! Just search Google for LCHF and PCOS or keto and PCOS and a wealth of info wil come up.

Emily M.

08/05/2019 7:04PM in Amazing April Transformer - Win a Peloton Bike!
  • Bought some size 10 jeans today! I started in February as a size 18.

Tom K. , Cindy D. and like this photo.

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Stephanie D.

Jeans are the ultimate test. Well done.

Tamara L.

Amazing!! Rock those jeans!


07/29/2019 11:36AM in Amazing April Transformer - Win a Peloton Bike!
  • From a 4XL jacket down to this 2nd hand LARGE! Love the Keto Life!

Tamara L. , Mac and like this photo.

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Stacey A

Way to go!!

Mary K.

Low carb is amazing!! Congrats!

Sean M.

07/09/2019 5:39AM in Amazing April Transformer - Win a Peloton Bike!
I totally lost round three. I'm up five pounds over my round three goal weight :( It didn't help spraining my ankle at the end of May, I think that's what really hindered my progress since I usually walk every evening. Tried to make good food choices, and I did for the most part. I think reducing my portions to make up for the lack of activity would have been the trick but when you are sitting around, not able to move around well, I find myself looking in the pantry or fridge out of boredom. But starting today, game on!! I'm back to walking (carefully) and staying away from the fridge :) I can do this!!!

Ruby , Suzanne A. and like this comment.

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Tonya R.

Same! Completely fell off track and fudged round 3. But, I’m gearing up and ready to win round 4,5,and 6!!!!

Nashiya W.

I love your attitude. You sure can do it. You got this. Rooting for you in round 4

Mary K.

07/09/2019 3:31AM in Ramp Your Resolutions—Gift Card Giveaway
Am so grateful to DietBet. I just submitted my official weigh-in to my other DietBet challenge and squeaked by with 0.1 pounds to spare. The reason for my gratitude: I returned from a two-week vacation on Friday and knew I had to get back on the wagon if I hoped to meet the other game’s round’s weight goal by today. DietBet gave me the incentive to make sure I ate right (for me that’s a combination of a low carb diet and intermittent fasting). This morning I not only made the weight goal, but I’m finally back in ketosis so I know my body is burning fat. Good luck to everybody for next week’s final weigh-in!

Teri O. , Shanni and like this comment.

Laurie L.

That is awesome!! Congratulations! :tada:

Cynthia B.

Omg!! So proud of u! Two week vacation and back on ur low carb intermittent life. Awesome!! Gives me hope. I am a low carb intermittent faster also, seems to be the only way I lose weight.:)

Mary K.

07/09/2019 3:17AM in Amazing April Transformer - Win a Peloton Bike!
Returned from a two week vacation on Friday and was worried I wouldn’t make this round’s goal. But fasting and low carb worked their magic again-probably more important than having reached the goal this morning is that I’m finally firmly back in ketosis after being out of it for the last 10 days. After probably 35 years of yo-yo dieting and feeling like the scale is a nasty enemy that jumps around for no apparent reason I finally feel like I’ve found the eating (and fasting) path that works for me and makes me feel like I have some control, as though my food choices are finally honestly reflected in the weight on the scale. I still have 15 pounds to go to get to where the official charts will deem me as being « normal » weight instead of « obese » (when I started my first DietBet challenge in January) or « overweight » like when I started this challenge. While I’ll still be focused on losing weight I’m now going to start focusing on fasting, autophagy and strength training to try to get rid of this loose skin. Thank you, DietBet, for providing the weekly incentive to stay the course!!! Good luck with this round’s weigh-in everyone!

Lena B , Suzanne A. and like this comment.

CHUD Hombre

06/14/2019 2:33PM in Amazing April Transformer - Win a Peloton Bike!
Hey all! I'm back. Got off keto to switch to calorie counting and more carbs after my birthday and never could get back on track afterwards. I'm back on keto for 3 days now along with intermittent fasting (eating between 12pm-8pm) and I feel better again.

I noticed that I was aching more, craving more carbs and sweets, and never really feeling full even though I was eating the same amount of calories. I actually gained weight so decided to go back to keto even though my weight loss had slowed down a lot. This time though, I changed the macro ratios to allow a little more carbs and protein based on my lean body mass instead of the generic 70% fat, 25% protein, and 5% carbs.

Now I just need to get my exercise back on track and I'm good. Got some catching up to do though as I basically lost 2 weeks and round 2 due to the switch. Hopefully the changes I made this time will rev up the weight loss.

Nefarious1 , Renea and like this comment.

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Great to see you back, Chud! :thumbsup:

Pam S.

Welcome back!

Kiwi L.

06/14/2019 8:37AM in Ramp Your Resolutions—Gift Card Giveaway
Hi there! It seems that the app has updated!! I can't find the Weigh-in section of this new set up :/ Just wanted to make sure we still have like 48 hrs to weigh in?

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Mary K.

I just saw a notification DietBet posted 5 days ago saying that this round 5?ends at midnight PST tonight and we have 48 hours after that to weigh-in. I also sent a note to dietbet support asking if they could do a video tutorial of the new app. It’s very confusing. You can email DietBet support at support@waybetter.com. They’re fabulous! Anyway, if you scroll down thru these notifications u should see their posting about the weigh-in. I think this one is required if we want to win Round 6 so it’s pretty important

Mary K.

Don’t know why the support email address cut off, it’s @waybetter.com


05/22/2019 10:35AM in Amazing April Transformer - Win a Peloton Bike!
i did my official weekly weigh in on Sunday and was disappointed by the minimal loss. I weighed myself this morning and i've nearly hit my 2nd month's goal! I've dieted and exercised many many many times in my life. This is the FIRST TIME it has worked. I am doing intermittent fasting 18:6 and the results are AMAZING!!!!

lindsey s. , Ruby and like this comment.

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I have to try that.

Pam S.

Glad you found what works for you!
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