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Favorite Health Food: Broccoli, Cabbage, Sweet Potato & Dates

Favorite Sinful Food: Donuts, Chocolate, Rice & Bread

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Hiking, Yoga, Kettlebell, Squat Machine

My Approach to Weight Loss: Complete AprilWhole30 & 30 Day Shred

My Weight Loss Program: Jillian Michaels

My Diet Plan: Paleo Diet

Fitness/Exercise Apps: MyFitnessPal, iwatch

Fitness Devices: iwatch

DietBet Winnings: $720.30

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Dietbet rocks!
by - 05/06/2015 5:56PM

It's been the first few days since the final round ended and I'm not gonna lie, I was a little nervo... Read More ›

Just Do It
by - 04/08/2015 11:14AM

I'm so grateful for joining this motivating dietbet game. I've learned and grown so much since the g... Read More ›

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Thanks - I actually first tried dietbet when I was almost 180, so I'm pretty much at my 30 pound goal :)


WOW!!! Trina, I love your blog!!! You're doing a great job!!! I really love your tips too!!! I don't make any excuses about why I can't workout either because youtube is the place to be to get my workout on!!! I go to youtube every day to get my line dancing on, & I also choose various workouts to do from there too!!! Way to go mamacita!!! Keep up the good work!!! :-) Thanks for sharing those links too!!! :-)
BElieve in YOUrself
by - 02/16/2015 10:56AM

I realized that we've passed the halfway point on our dietbet game & decided to post a blog upda... Read More ›

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Trina, nice post!!! Love it!!! Trina, you're still a winner because you're losing weight!!! Girl, I'm really proud of you!!! Sometimes it's not always about winning a round; it's more about the lifelong changes we're making during our weight loss journey & the new eating habits we're learning along the way. You're doing really well!!! Keep up the good work!!! :-)

Biking Syl

Way to go! It's supposed to be a lifestyle change and you are SO doing this! :-)
Jingle all the whey!
by - 12/29/2014 10:47AM

I Can & I Will I'm glad that the holiday food temptations are finally out of sight & I'm ver... Read More ›

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Good job Trina!
One pound at a time.
by - 12/05/2014 4:22PM

Confession I lost Round 1 by .9 pounds. The old "Me" would be beating herself up but NOPE, not the n... Read More ›

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Anita T.

Great Job keep it up, you will kick round 2's A$$.


Nice post!!! And you're right!!! We're gonna go off track at some point or another, but the main thing is to pick ourselves up & keep it moving!!! Next time, reward yourself with a nice blouse or a pair of earrings or a mani/pedi, or something other than food.

No worries mamacita!!! We're a work in progress!!! We're still learning, & you know what: WE GOT THIS!!! Time to kick some A$$ in Round 2!!! YEAH!!! :-)
I thought I wanted that Burger..
by - 11/23/2014 9:14AM

Yesterday was an active, productive, low calorie day for me until it got to "What's for dinner?".  M... Read More ›

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Great post Trina!!! I agree with you 100%!!! Isn't it something how something that used to taste sooo good doesn't appeal to us anymore after changing our eating habits??? I can definitely relate!!! Last month after finishing my DB4 challenge, I kept telling everybody that I couldn't wait to have a slice of red velvet cake!!! Girl, I love it!!! When I ate a slice, a couple of hours later, my stomach became bloated, & I felt horrible!!! I was in sooo much pain!!! I couldn't believe I felt like that!!! I had gone to a new bakery, & trust me: it was delicious!!! I really enjoyed it!!! I just didn't like the after effects of eating it!!! Although I love my red velvet cake, I won't be eating it again for a very long time!!! :-)

Sometimes we have to try it to realize it's not what we thought we wanted. Good for you for putting the burger down instead of still eating it. We're definitely changing!!! You're gonna be fine on Thanksgiving too!!! :-)


good for you--u listened to your heart, put the rest down, and learned a lesson in the process...hope i can do the same some time :)
A Year To Remember
by - 11/19/2014 10:12AM

Taking a moment to reflect back on the old "Me" as I'm noticing differences in how I think/used to t... Read More ›

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Thank you, ladies! I'm so appreciative of the support received on here & I think that it's great to have so many great peeps on here that share the same struggles and goals. Good stuff!

Chrissy could of been describing me,...
...I was a sugar junkie & honestly don't miss it at all.....not sure how my body will react when I have something full of sugar & fat.......a long way off (my choice)
I have found healthy treats to satisfy my cravings ;)))

But back to you ;))) ..
..your doing amazing & should be proud of yourself ;))))
This is the best place to be during the stressful time of changing your lifestyle ;))
Thanks for posting.....I've found it's helpful to see others are going thru the same thing as I am ;)))
Must. Look. Away.
by - 11/09/2014 1:46PM

Struggles:   Halloween candy clearance sales.... Noooooo!  Unfortunately some fun-sized packs of Ree... Read More ›

Biking Syl

You're doing the right thing: planning ahead! It helps me a lot to look up a restaurant menu online and to pick out a meal before I go. Makes me more likely to stick to it when I actually get there.

About Turkey Day: Maybe you just discovered that you are sensitive to gluten? Found out that your blood sugar is too high? They can't argue about medical reasons and it won't hurt their feelings, or make them feel like you are looking down on their food.

You can do it!!


I love your idea! Thanks so much :)
"It's Not About Perfect, It's About Effort."
by - 11/04/2014 12:23PM

:Another good Quote that I found on Pinterest that helps keep me motivated and moving.   It's day 1 ... Read More ›

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Such a great idea ;)))).
Your gonna do great ;))
"You're not going to get the butt you want by sitting on it." Jillian M.
by - 10/27/2014 11:12PM

This awesome quote stuck with me throughout the month and helped me to finish strong and win!   I'm ... Read More ›

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Great job, you are doing great!! Good luck on your next Dietbet you'll do great


Thank you!!
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