Jen S.

I really want to improve my fitness after having my second baby 7 months ago. Having a lighter body makes moving around so much easier!

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Favorite Health Food: roasted vegetables

Favorite Sinful Food: crisps

My Preferred Method of Exercise: weights

My Approach to Weight Loss: calorie counting

DietBet Winnings: $1,951.61

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Jen S.

05/25/2022 12:28PM in #SummerShred Lacee Green - The Curvy Girl Trainer
I’m at goal but it’s my eldest’s 10th birthday this weekend and there’s going to be pizza and cake. I only need to maintain so I can have some, but I’m nervous!

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Chantal Ann

Drink tons of water and move a bit more! May help and keep up with the protein intake!!

Kelsey H.

You can do it!

Dan T.

05/25/2022 12:06PM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
I just received a notice that my membership has expired… is this normal, before getting paid out?

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Membership is separate from games - if you pay $5 per game, the membership cancels when the game ends. It doesn’t affect any winnings from games you’re playing in.

Dan T.

Thanks everyone!

Gia Nettie

05/22/2022 6:06PM in Summer Splash Transformer - Win an Inflatable Paddle Board!
Hey all, I hope your day is going well. I'm just curious how many groups you guys are in? I was in 1, then after reading someone was in 4 different diet bets, I decided to join this one too. lol. What are you doing for exercise and diet? Would be nice to see what others are doing to stay on track!

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Jen S.

I’m in 2 transformers and 3 kickstarters! I’m hoping that they will get me back in my party dress in time for Christmas and help towards paying for some presents for the kids.
I just go with calorie counting. I’m pretty active as it is but I don’t always pay attention to what I eat so that’s got to change.

kathy draper

I am in 2. A kickstarter and a transformer

Krystal B.

05/21/2022 11:07AM in Summer Splash Transformer - Win an Inflatable Paddle Board!
What is everyones favorite food tracking app? i typically use myfitnesspal but curious if anyone has other favorites.

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Krystal B.

Thanks both of you!

Gia Nettie

I don't use a calorie counter app, but those apps in comments sound interesting. I'll check them out.

Jen S.

05/19/2022 1:05AM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
It was the other half’s birthday last night and he wanted Thai takeaway. We nearly never have takeaway so it was a huge treat. I’m paying for it this morning though, I’m up 3lbs! And I was at 95% of goal, feeling like I have so far to go now and running out of time ☹️

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Krista M.

Remember you can loose it as fast as you put it on! Lots of water today! You got this! Probably just the sodium from the Thai making you retain water

Melissa F.

It was my hubby's bday yesterday too! Had BBQ and baklava for treats. Up a little lbs today but I know it's just temporary. You can't really gain 3 lbs of fat from 1 meal :wink: Just get back on track, consistency is key!

Elly t.

05/18/2022 9:55PM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
I just want to share how shocked I am at the movement of the scale.

I’m down 15 lbs since April 25. My body needed this 🙏

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Elly t.

Thank you ladies!

Elly t.

I believe it’s over 6% Jen

Rebekah K.

05/18/2022 7:38PM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
I've had a rough few days. Took my huskies to my daughters a few days ago to play with her dog. To make a long story short, We ended up having to let our vet put one of my dogs and my daughter's dog down last night after 3 days of hell! Someone had the thrown poison over the fence while we were there.
I haven't weighed, eaten well or drank near enough water for the last 3 days. I guess I will find out where I am at in the morning. I refuse to be hard on myself. This week has been heartbreaking and I will refocus tomorrow.

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Valerie M.

Sorry to hear this news! :broken_heart: You and your daughter are in my thoughts and prayers!

Deidre S.

So sorry for your loss,


05/17/2022 10:10PM in Summer Splash Transformer - Win an Inflatable Paddle Board!
Excited to lose some weight by fall. Lost 50 last year but gained about 15 back. Just need to be consistent

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Jen S.

Same. Lost 40 last year and I’m 15 up since December, pretty disheartening but we’re both here to put a stop to that and get right back at it!

Briana F.

05/16/2022 10:38PM in Summer Splash Transformer - Win an Inflatable Paddle Board!
  • Hey folks! Here’s a lil face-to-face post to kick off the game. Hoping for even more of a difference in 6 months. I haven’t been the weight I’m at now for 5 years!

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Jen S.



Nice! Way to go!!

Jen S.

05/16/2022 2:02AM in Total Glow Up Transformer - Win A Rowing Machine!
Been a bit absent lately as life has been pretty hectic. I’ve had good food days and not so good days but I’m at 95% of goal for round 1 so feeling good. Now I need to continue and not sit back and think I’ve got this and panic when weigh day comes round as I’ve not quite made it 😂

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Congrats on being so close to your round 1 goal, Jen! Yeah, great idea to try to keep that weigh day stress away. :blush:

Sarah S.

Nice work on your progress, I'm chasing you frantically!
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