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04/30/2013 9:31AM
Christiane please forgive my late response! Thank you so much for your appreciation on my cheer board! We've had some great runs and I'm happy to be apart of the great encouragement you received in your weight loss journey on dietbet! Cheers to OUR countless victories! YOU ROCK!!!


04/12/2013 10:24PM
Hi Christiane, glad to see you among the familiar names in this Diet Bet. I appreciate the thoughtful message on my cheerboard. How's everything going?


04/04/2013 9:46AM
There are LOTS of fat Indians. They are everywhere. Diabetes is rampant, too as is kidney disease. The food is wonderful, but high in fat and high in sodium. This is my 10th trip. I love the country, but even eating vegan, one tends to gain weight. Add to the fact that almost every meal is a buffet. I walk every morning for two hours 5-7 am and the park where I walk has lots of walkers, so at least some ppl are getting the message.

Christiane P.

That's too bad about declining health and obesity.Yeah, I saw tons of pizza places when in China among the fast food joints. Sad sad sad. Lucky you on 10th visit! Enjoy.


It's not pizza that is making them fat. Too many carbs, and ghee in everything. It is their food which is unhealthy, not the unhealthy western food. Many walkers in the park pre-dawn, as well as health advocates pushing nutrition programs and blood pressure and glucometers, Good signs.

Lesley S.

02/14/2013 11:47AM
Hi You are a wonderful support. Can you also repost the cake recipe

Christiane P.

oops. been away. will repost tomorrow. Drew maybe has on his webpage

Simone BK

02/11/2013 2:55PM
Fabulous cake for a fabulous new woman! Happy Birthday

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Christiane P.

Thanks! Glad you're in this round.


02/09/2013 8:06PM
You are spot on about your approach to weight loss.

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02/06/2013 8:11AM
Start strong, stay strong. WE CAN DO THIS! ^_^

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02/05/2013 1:09PM
Keep up the great work!

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Vera M.

02/04/2013 7:11PM
Thank you for your very kind note on my cheerboard!! Here's to both of us for winning the bet! I see you are signed on for Round 2. Although I won't be continuing in the next 4 weeks on DietBet, I plan to focused and return to Weight Watcher meetings for free. After multiple tries and fails almost my whole adult life to reach Lifetime status, 2 1/2 years ago I added it to my bucket list and succeeded!! I wish I could say I have never "fell off the wagon" and went outside my 2 lbs over range, but then I never would have been on Diet Bet and "met" encouraging people like you!!!! WTG!!

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Kayla B.

02/04/2013 6:47PM
Congrats to you toooo! How exciting to make such a big change while receiving such great support from complete strangers. It's been amazing. Still debating round 2, it's going to be so hard, so if I don't make it, keep up the awesome work!

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