I lost 103 lbs the last year and a half. (70 of that Thanks to Fit2Fat2Fit). I've gained about 25lbs or so back? Weigh in Monday! So its time to knock it off and get down to my final Maintenance weight! MY FAMILY is my Motivation!!

Quick Facts

Favorite Health Food: Drew Manning's Spinach Shakes

Favorite Sinful Food: Fries with Cheese, Bacon, Jalepenos!

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Cardio and weight lifting

My Approach to Weight Loss: Eat to live, don't live to eat!

DietBet Winnings: $182.34

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-1.1% Since last weigh-in-3 lbs
-1.1% 1-Month Change-3 lbs
-6.3% Lifetime Change-18.8 lbs

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04/10/2018 7:05PM

Simone BK

04/16/2013 6:24PM
You are fierce!

Christiane P.

04/01/2013 8:28PM
Hey you - loving the way you've stepped it up. Makes me feel good having your positive energy to draw from. Thank you.

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Drew Manning

04/01/2013 7:25PM
You won the MVP prize! Did you win in the last game too? Haha Prize is an autographed book mailed to you but if you'd prefer for me to put together some supplement samples instead just let me know. Email me your address.

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Awesome. I hit my 4% last time but didn't win mvp. I think i held the title for like a minute last time!! I have an autographed copy of your book from When it first came out on Amazon. Lets talk sups! WOO HOO

Michelle A.

03/07/2013 8:33PM
last game each person won $10.16... dont get your hopes up high for big money here buddy.


01/08/2013 8:57AM
That last comment was from me, Ness, Nick's wife! sorry :o)

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01/08/2013 8:56AM
GO Nicky!!!
Liam and I had a muffin for breakfast I dipped mine in salsa and Liam dipped his in ketchup! It was so good, love that turkey bacon was at the bottom of mine :o) You are a great cook!!! With recipes like this, tasty healthy food is so easy!

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ew Salsa Sounds awesome!!


01/08/2013 8:28AM
Us big boys need to stick together! Giddy up! What exercise are you doing? We can do this!

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We do sir!! I do cardio ususally eliptical or walk the dog or stairs, but I usually lift weights for an hour or hour and a half every morning also!


01/07/2013 5:10PM
Do you have a recipe for those muffins? They look so delicious but I'm skeptical of the content. I would love to just grab something like this and heat it at work!

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Sorry Sarah i never saw these "cheer" posts. here is the recipe if you didnt find it already.


01/06/2013 6:25AM
Just want to say Good Luck!

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