Baby #3 arrived last spring, trying to lose those extra lbs. Be healthy, fit and an example for my kids

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Favorite Health Food: veggies with ranch yogurt dip

Favorite Sinful Food: Pizza and anything chocolate

My Preferred Method of Exercise: running, p90x

My Approach to Weight Loss: Eat more protein, no refined sugar

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: I don't follow a plan

Fitness/Exercise Apps: MyFitnessPal, Lose It!

Fitness Devices: Up by Jawbone

DietBet Winnings: $2,456.18

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03/15/2018 2:14AM

Michelle K.

03/16/2015 9:24AM
Hi Chantel! Your 14% weight loss is INCREDIBLE and your maintenance of that weight says so much about your discipline ! I'm trying to lose 10% of my body weight for a transformer challenge and was hoping you might be able to help.I can win a bike if I refer 99 people here: can unsubscribe at ANY time! Will you help me in my journey to become healthier? I'd much appreciate it! Thank you so much and best of luck in your weight loss journey! (:


I clicked it, hope it works and you win a bike!! :) good luck in your transformer...I've never done one, I guess a 6 month commitment scares me haha. Money is very motivating to lose weight, weighing often even when you're maintaining I think is the key to not letting those 20 lbs slowly add on :)


01/31/2015 1:02PM
RE: You will be fine...the 10% games are much more forgiving. It is mostly about losing your first 6% in the first couple of months and then just a little bit afterwards. The last two months you just practically maintain your weight loss. Looks like you are already at your goal weight, you probably don't have a lot left to lose, unless you are readjusting your goal weight.Hi Gailey I was thinking of joining a transformer game and had a couple questions thought you might know the answer to since you've done some. If we only need to lose 3% in month one and 3 again the next month, but is very possible to lose more than 3%, what happens if you lost your 10% by month 3 in month 4 if you haven't lost anything but still maintain the 10% are you considered a winner that month? And the same for month 5? Or do u need to lose the percentage they require for that month even if you've met your goal. Any help will be appreciated!


Not sure why your original msg posted at the end...


To be declared a just need to be at your final 10% goal weight at the very end....if you do it in the first 4 months, you will still be okay for each round. Hope that makes sense.


05/07/2014 5:30AM
Think of the reason why you're doing this.... and think of it every time you want to give up!


05/05/2014 11:13AM
When someone offers an unhealthy place for Iunch ie McDonalds, suggest somewhere healthier. Grocery stores have excellent rotisserie chicken ready for lunch sometimes faster and less expensive than fast food. Add a salad and you're good to go


05/01/2014 4:27PM
TIP: Chai seeds are excellent at filling your stomach up. Add it to cereal, yogurt, muffins, salad, smoothies and much more. Plus the health benefits are plentiful!


04/28/2014 1:11PM
TOD: eat until I'm satisfied. .. not overstuffed full (even if I've already plugged it into myfitnesspal) seems to help with the after meal sugar cravings wanting dessert.


04/27/2014 2:03PM
TOD: Have herbal tea or diet hot chocolate after meal if craving something sweet


04/26/2014 5:42AM
TOD: Brush teeth after every meal

Big D

04/23/2014 9:42AM
Just wanted to say HI!

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