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Favorite Health Food: Greek Yogurt

Favorite Sinful Food: French Fries

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Running

My Approach to Weight Loss: I count calories.

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: I don't follow a plan

Fitness/Exercise Apps: MyFitnessPal

Fitness Devices: Garmin Forerunner

DietBet Winnings: $355.16

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by - 09/14/2014 7:43PM

Tonight was EPIC.  EPIC, I tell you!  Tonight, I experienced a moment usually only observed in sappy... Read More ›

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Michel Grutter

Thanks for sharing XOXOXOX

Heather D.

i hope the "chariots of fire" theme song was in your head while you were doing this because thats what i heard while i was reading it!
way to go- the power of the mind- just a change in perspective and attitude makes such a huge difference
thank you for sharing!!
Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!!!
by - 09/03/2014 1:29PM

I have to laugh when I look at my weight loss graph.  It is such a lie!I never report the ups (unles... Read More ›

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Very funny :) I had a problem with my new scale I put it on the side and my weight was getting higher lol I only update the dietbet graph once a week. I have a private app to enter my everyday weight too.

Heather D.

i am the opposite lol, i get to work every morning and i weigh myself and i track it like a hawk, obsessively, if it goes up half a pound i tweak my intakes, etc
coming back from a 4 day camping trip and then weighing myself monday morning was like a kick in the gut, ohhhhh my goodness my graph IS a mess! but i love having super accurate tracking so i can look back and see patterns
one of the things i noticed was that i was retaining a ton of water over the weekends and once i got back to work monday and my fluid intake was back on "work" mode, those 2-3lbs would come off by tuesday morning.
this has been one way my OCD has been working FOR me haha
I Am A Success Story!
by - 08/22/2014 12:07PM

I am 47 years old.And today, I weigh less than I have since I graduated high school!I'm writing this... Read More ›

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Mendy A.

Thanks, Mindy! Not unlike yours!

Heather D.

this is fantastic! thanks for sharing with us!
Too Skinny?????
by - 08/12/2014 7:05PM

**Warning: This is a pet peeve post!Every week, dietbet posts an update on my facebook page.  And ev... Read More ›

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Mendy A.

Frustrating! That is the word!! There you are, trying so hard to be determined and consistent and make good choices - and then well-meaning people try to undermine you! Very frustrating!

Bethany H.

My go-to is "Haha, well, you don't know how much weight I've gained!" To be perfectly honest, its one thing for someone to say "You don't need to be on a diet" to a person that is in the healthy BMI range, but it truly irks me when I see them say it to someone who is 50+ pounds overweight! Lets all encourage each other to healthy living! I don't understand why that is so hard.
Food Nirvana
by - 07/30/2014 2:28PM

I've never used the word "nirvana" except in reference to a band.  But when I was trying to pinpoint... Read More ›

Jessica J.

Personally, what's worked for me in the past in this situation is the low carb option, it's definitely not for everyone but is the most effective for me. Curbed my hunger, gave me energy and kept me mindful of what I was putting into my body at all times. Paying attention to what labels told me kind of turned me off of the whole sugar addiction that many people are still struggling with. I got back into bad habits and it's harder than ever to break them now but I am dedicated.

Either way! I was very interested while reading your post. Thanks for sharing! Very inspirational and a new way to think about things.

Road Runner Girl

What an amazing post Mendy! I've felt this same way so many times...especially the snacking at night. Now...I just make sure to have calories left over so I can still eat that snack at night....a healthy snack of course! ;-)
Shocked by the Scales!
by - 07/28/2014 8:46AM

I woke up this morning, put on my "Official Diet Bet Airport Security Apparel" and stepped on the sc... Read More ›

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Congratulations! Even if it shouldn't shock you, sounds like you are doing all the right things!!

I've had the same experience stepping on to my scale I can't believe I have lost 75 % of my goal already, makes one realize how my weight has been yoyo'ing. But now that I know this, I am super keen and motivated in keeping it off!!


Thanks for posting :)